VIP Membership

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Can I upgrade or downgrade my VIP membership?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your VIP membership through your Jumbo Win online account.

How do I cancel my VIP membership?

We completely understand you might need to reassess or adjust your VIP Membership depending on your individual financial circumstances. If you would like to downgrade or cancel your VIP membership, you can do this through your Jumbo Win online account. 

Joining as a VIP member

As a VIP your chosen monthly charge gives you automatic entry into Jumbo Win.  When you purchase tickets using your online account you have the option to join as a VIP. The charge is then processed through your nominated payment method on the date you join and then charged each month on that anniversary date.  

What are the VIP draws and prizes?

The VIP draws and prizes change for each product on Jumbo Win. Visit the relevant prize details page for the product-specific VIP benefits.

What is the draw eligibility for the VIP membership?

To ensure you have entry into VIP exclusive draws, you need to maintain your VIP eligibility. Your VIP membership needs to be active and financial. Being financial means your VIP membership is financially up to date with its monthly charges.  E.g. You do not have any pending or declined charges (these could be charges still to be processed by your bank).  Being active means your VIP membership is not on pause or cancelled at the time of the draw.  You can still have current tickets in our major prize draws, however, you will not be eligible to enter a VIP draw if the above conditions are not met.