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How TheGivingMachine is helping to support rescue dogs!

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20% of the ticket sales in our first draw will be donated to Jumbo Win's charity Partner, TheGivingMachine! TheGivingMachine envisions a world where all good causes can access regular, unrestricted funds to ensure their sustainable future. They work with thousands of good causes to help them raise much-needed funds.

In this first post, we tell the story of how TheGivingMachine has been supporting Schnauzerfest, a small UK-based charity that provides financial assistance to rescue dogs.

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Schnauzerfest, a registered charity that aims to provide financial assistance for veterinary bills for rescue dogs. They are a grant-giving charity that not only provides this assistance but also spreads awareness of puppy farming and the importance of adoption when taking on a pet.

Schnauzerfest joined the GivingLottery in February 2021 and to date, TheGivingMachine has helped them raise over £22,500 in donations! Schnauzerfest are the top performing cause on the GivingLottery, one of TheGivingMachine’s regular fundraising products.

Schnauzerfest is run by volunteers and was started by founder Janetta Harvey who is still instrumental in the day-to-day running of the charity. This is what Janetta said about being part of TheGivingMachine: 

“The funds we’ve received from TheGivingMachine have gone towards the veterinary bills paid out to the rescue dogs that we support. The funds have also allowed us to be able to plan for future veterinary costs, as well as enabling us to fulfil our function as well as we can.”

With every purchase of a Jumbo Win Golden Ticket you are helping TheGivingMachine help more organisations such as Schnauzerfest. So don't miss out and get your ticket today on our website!

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