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How TheGivingMachine Supports OneKind

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OneKind stands as Scotland’s leading animal campaigns charity and is dedicated to end cruelty to Scotland’s animals. 

One of the causes championed by TheGivingMachine is OneKind, an animal charity with a rich history. Founded in 1911 by the visionary sisters Netta and Elizabeth Ivory, the organisation initially laid foundations under the name Scottish Society for the Prevention of Vivisection (SSPV). In 1990, rebranding as Advocates for Animals. Then, in 2010, it emerged as OneKind, embodying its enduring dedication to the cause of animal welfare.

One Kind Charity Lottery

What sets OneKind apart is its grassroots, people-powered approach—all campaigns are entirely driven by passionate individuals and their members are the ones campaigning to make a difference. The organisation relies solely on funding, predominantly sourced from compassionate volunteers with its members at the forefront of advocacy efforts. Every initiative undertaken by OneKind is a testament to the power of collective action in effecting positive change. Their overarching mission echoes loud and clear: 

"Fighting for a world where every animal's life matters."

OneKind is more than a voice fighting for animals that are farmed, animals that live in the wild, animals used in research as well as animals as companions to humans. Their impactful campaigns are instrumental in making a big difference in ending cruelty for good.

Having partnered with TheGivingMachine in October 2020, OneKind has harnessed the platforms of GivingLottery and Shop&Give, raising over £12,400 to date.

Lauren Buchanan, OneKind’s Fundraising and Communications Officer, expressed gratitude for the GivingLottery, citing it as a fantastic avenue for fundraising! She noted the burden of time and resource constraints of running their own in-house charity alleviated significantly when joining the GivingLottery. Moreover, she highlighted the challenges OneKind faced during lockdown, particularly in terms of their little to no access to traditional fundraising avenues like festivals and face-to-face events. In response, TheGivingMachine stood as a solution offering alternative avenues for fundraising while providing supporters a seamless journey. 

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