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How TheGivingMachine empowers the charity Supporting Dalit Children

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Supporting Dalit Children is a registered charity that is run completely on a voluntary basis, with the trustees and their families paying for any expenses to allow 100% of every donation to be sent directly to the schools to educate another child.

Supporting Dalit Children was set up by Dinah Findlay in 2008 to educate Dalit children, in a village called Manvi in Southern India after Dinah was introduced to the area while on holiday and knew she had to do something to help.

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Dalits, known as “the untouchables”, are at the bottom of India’s social hierarchy, and are downtrodden and victimised. Supporting Dalit Children funds school places for Dalit and other marginalised children at two schools providing a first-class education in English, offering life-changing opportunities and allowing students to escape the poverty trap they were born into. They also fund social projects including new water purification plants and tailoring courses for teenage Dalit girls.

Lockdown was a difficult time for the schools but they found a way around it and instead of the children travelling to the schools, the teachers got on the school bus and travelled to the villages instead! This allowed lessons and the children's education to continue.

TheGivingMachine is delighted to work with Supporting Dalit Children to help with their fundraising and to date TheGivingMachine has helped Supporting Dalit Children raise over £5,000 by converting sales commissions into free donations on their Shop&Give platform and setting up a lottery page on their GivingLottery platform.

Dinah Findlay, the founder of Supporting Dalit Children passionately states:

These donations make a big difference and helps to continue with direct impact with these schools. It currently costs £240 to put a Dalit child through school for a year and it is not just education that the donations from TheGivingMachine support. The donations also helped to buy a tractor which is used to distribute clean drinking water to the villages Supporting Dalit Children support. 

They also pay for tailoring classes for Dalit women, supporting them to be more independent and giving them an alternative form of income to seasonal field work. The donations have helped purchase more than 100 sewing machines and these women now make items of clothing such as their children’s school uniforms and clothes to sell in the local markets.

Going forward, the donations from TheGivingMachine will pay for the upkeep of the tractor and fund the salary of the driver. These donations really do make a difference to the lives of these children and their families.

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