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How TheGivingMachine Supports Autism All Stars

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Another wonderful cause TheGivingMachine supports is Autism All Stars UK.

Autism All Stars UK is a charity founded in 2010 with a mission to create a happy and inclusive world where autistic people can express themselves in a safe environment and to offer assistance to the people who support them.

Autism All Stars are always coming up with new ideas to support autistic people of all ages and one event they host is their autism-friendly character event which include Doctor Who days and Star Wars days as well as others. At these events, the people Autism All Stars support can meet and interact with animatronic puppets at their own pace.

Autism All Stars work with many volunteers and many of these are on the autism spectrum or have other additional needs which include physical disabilities and mental health struggles.

Autism All Stars

In crisis situations where people are living in poverty, suffering the effects of domestic violence, recovering from addictions or dealing with mental health problems, autistic people’s needs are very often overlooked. Autism All Stars offer signposting to helplines, counselling and mentoring services, and look to provide essential supplies for autistic people and their families who find themselves in difficulty.

Autism All Stars work tirelessly to promote both awareness and acceptance of autism in all its forms and they have been part of TheGivingMachine for a number of years and TheGivingMachine have supported them in raising £4,000.

“I’m a huge fan of this organisation and what they stand for, They’re genuinely lovely people who work so, so hard to make the world a happier, more generous place. Penny by penny we’ve raised £4,000 to date helping to improve the lives of hundreds of disadvantaged families, and during the health crisis when we were really struggling, their support and encouragement has been invaluable"
- Helen Wallace-Iles, CEO & Founder of Autism All Stars Foundation

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