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Why Jumbo Win’s Golden Ticket is more than just a prize draw

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A prize draw with a difference

At Jumbo Win, we believe in the power of giving back, not just in prizes but in purpose. The Golden Ticket draw is more than a chance to win; it's a platform for positive impact, community building, and shared joy.

Beyond Winning

Every ticket holds the potential not just for a life-changing win but for participation in a larger community of hopefuls and dreamers. It's about the excitement, the anticipation, and the collective aspiration for a better tomorrow.

VIP Membership Perks

Our VIP members enjoy added perks, including exclusive weekly draws where two lucky VIPs win £1,000 each. It's our way of saying thank you for being part of the Jumbo Win family.

Charitable Giving

In partnership with TheGivingMachine, we ensure that every entry contributes to meaningful causes. Your participation helps fund initiatives that make a real difference in communities across the UK.

Join the Movement

By participating in the Golden Ticket draw, you're joining a community that believes in luck, dreams, and the power of giving back. Let's make a difference together.