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Golden Ticket raises £50,000 for TheGivingMachine!

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In our first Golden Ticket draw, we raised over £50,000 for good causes across the UK. This included a massive £50,000 just for our main charity partner, TheGivingMachine!

We also raised over £1500 for good causes through our partner lottery program.

We recently sat down with Richard from TheGivingMachine to hear about how this donation will help our UK community. 

"One of the things that people don't really know is that when these smaller organisations get some grant funding, it is often tied to very specific outcomes. But all of these organisations have costs such as electricity bills which are unfunded and unsupportable. So the way we support them is helping them generate an income stream that helps to support all those other things they need to spend money on"

About Jumbo Win's Golden Ticket

Jumbo Win's Golden Ticket was launched in February 2024 by Gatherwell, a UK-based lottery manager. We launched our Golden Ticket draw as a new way to help UK-based charitable organisations raise money while also providing our players with the chance to win exciting prizes. 

Gatherwell is part of the larger, Jumbo Interactive group which is a lottery service provider based out of Australia. Each year, the Jumbo Interactive group helps to raise over £133 million for good causes across Australia, Canada and the UK.

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