Win £125,000 and support your cause

As part of Jumbo Win's first Golden Ticket draw, we have arranged a special partnership that allows supporters on One Lottery and Your School Lottery to secure a chance to win £125,000 AND help raise funds for their favourite cause. 

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How does it work?

The new partnership between Jumbo Win will allow the good causes on One Lottery and Your School Lottery to benefit from our first Golden Ticket draw. If you are an eligible player, 10%* of your transaction will be donated to the cause you actively support on One Lottery and Your School Lottery. This is in addition to the 20% of the transaction that is already being donated to our charity partner TheGivingMachine! This partnership only extends to tickets purchased into the first Golden Ticket Draw.

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Who is an eligible player?

In order for supporters to take advantage of this deal, a few conditions must be met.

  1. The supporter must sign up to Jumbo Win with the same email address that they used to sign up to One Lottery or Your School Lottery
  2. The supporter must have an active ticket in the 18 May 2024 draw that is supporting a cause on Your School Lottery or One Lottery
  3. If you support multiple causes on One Lottery or Your School Lottery, we will only be able to provide donations to one of those causes. We will pick the latest cause that you started supporting.
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I am a cause, how will I receive the donations?

If any of your eligible supporters purchase tickets into Golden Ticket Draw 1, we will send you 10%* of those ticket sales. We will transfer this amount to the bank account where you regularly receive One Lottery and Your School Lottery payments. Transfers will occur after the conclusion of draw 1 (May 20, 2024).

*The 10% donation amount will be calculated based on the transactional value minus VAT.